1).Tooth development and eruption .

2) Management of the child patient .

3)Caries .

4)Tooth discoloration.

5)Tooth surface loss ( wear).


Tooth development and eprution :

  • You should know at what age primary teeth begin to mineralize , at what age their root formation is complete is complete and at what age they erupt.
  • Know at what age permanent teeth begin to mineralize , at what age their roor formation is complete and at what age they erupt.

Management of the child patient :

  • You should the milestone of child development.
  • Be able to relate the milestone to what an individual child can be expected to cope with in the dental surgery.
  • Know the strategies that a dentist could employ to help children to cope.
  • Appreciate the importance of an accurate and comprehensive history and examination.

Caries :

  • You should be able to explain the development of caries to any patient/parent.
  • Know the current clinical methods and possible future methods to detect caries.
  • Know how to carry out a caries risk assessment.
  • Know how to tailor a preventive plan in accordance with childs caries risk.
  • Know the current materials in use for the restoration of primary and permanent teeth , and their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Restorative materials :

  1. 1. Amalgam.
  2. 2. Glass ionomer cements.
  3. 3. Resins modified GIC.
  4. 4. Polyacid – modified composite resin.
  5. 5. Composite resins.
  6. 6. Preformed crowns.

Tooth discoloration :

You should know the causes of extrinsic and intrinsic tooth discoloration.

Know which treatments are appropriate for each type of discoloration.


  1. 1. Hydrochloric acid-pumice microabrasion technique.
  2. 2. Non vital bleaching .
  3. 3. Vital bleaching.

  4. Chairside vital bleaching .
  5. Nightguard vital bleaching .

Tooth surface loss :

  • You should be able to give accurate advice to patients/parents about which foods and drinks can be harmful to the teeth.
  • Be able to suggest suitable alternative to the above.
  • Know the medical causes of tooth surface loss.
  • Know the main treatment objectives for tooth surface loss.
  • Know the appropriate materials to treat tooth surface loss.

Endodontics :

  1. you should know the indications and contraindications for primary molar pulp treatment.
  2. Know the medicaments used in primary molar pulp treatment.
  3. Know the treatment for vital and non-vital immature permanent incisors.
  4. Know the initiating factors in the different types of resorption.
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